I'm going to PDC!

So, it turns out I will in fact be going to this year’s PDC.

I’m generally not big on conventions as I have a very low tolerance for slides, but this is definitely the exception. I’m expecting tons of great info on ASP.NET 2.0, which blew my mind at the big old convention in Nawleans. Chris Hollander and I were slackjawed during one presentation where a user profile was created by configuring an XML file. No coding, no database manipulation, just a configuration file. Not to mention Master Pages, or the new skinning features or…I need to calm down.

Must not think about L o n g h o r n….must not think about L o n g h o r n.

I’ve been too pressed for time to get the Alpha Whidbey bits up and running on my VPC, but I’m going to have to dedicate a few hours to it Saturday so I can be primed before I leave for LA.