Why are computers so rude?

The most annoying thing about working with my WinXP machines is automatic window switching in Internet Explorer. Let’s say I’m reading an article in one IE window, while running a test in another IE window. Sometimes when a window is updated (I’m not really sure what exactly triggers it) I will get automatically switched from the active reading window to the window running my tests (and no, I’m not using JavaScript to set focus on the testing window). I was in that situation just now, and decided to close the window hosting the article after I’d finished reading it. Unfortunately, the windows switched just as I clicked on the X in the control box, so I wound up closing the window for my test instead of the one with the article. That’s five minutes down the drain…if I was tracking it, I’m sure I’d be up to close to a week of wasted productivity all time.

Who thought this was a good feature? In fact, it’s pretty damn rude IMO.