Wow, I added value!

I spoke to one of my old customers over IM this morning and found out that the app I helped build for them has been a great success.

We actually built two ASP.NET apps for them which have been live for a few months now. It took about 8 months total, with an ungodly 2-3 hour (each way) commute every day. By the end of the engagement I had driven enough that I’d gone from being a neophyte driver with two hands on the wheels to an old jaded radio station changing leadfoot.

The app hadn’t gone live when I left the engagement, and I was honestly afraid that it wouldn’t every be ready for prime time. Well, I was wrong. The app went live early in the year, albeit with limited functionality.

Anyway, today I found out the app has been a great sucess and is making money for the customer. I couldn’t be happier to hear that. It may sound silly to someone who doesn’t code for a living, but I get a lot of pleasure from building applications which get used by people and which help companies make money. Increased profits mean (hopefully) more jobs.

I also love creating applications that make people’s jobs less annoying. I once wrote an excel macro that converted a two hour a week annoying task into a button click and a two minute wait. That was more rewarding than some of the enterprise applications I’ve built.

I’m really worried that I may not get to do either again for a while. Really worried.