The ultimate solution to SPAMMING and Telemarketing (Patent Pending)!

Have you heard about the (probably temporary) Do Not Call Registry’s setback? A judge in Oklahoma has ruled that the FTC didn’t have the authority to make their ruling. Considering the overwhelming support the DNC registry has received, I don’t think it’s going out on a limb to suggestthat this judge’s ruling will be overturned faster than an ambitious congressman can call a press conference.

That said, it’s kind of sad that we need congress to step in in the first place. I’m totally in favor of the legistlation, but why can’t people vote with the only vote that matters…the almighty greenback? If enough people made the ideological choice to never buy from companies that use telemarketing or spam to get their advertising seen, business’ based on harassing people would dry up. Admittedly, these type of businesses are counting on the one in ten thousand knucklehead who is willing to spend money to “be his biggest”, just the type of person who is unlikely to adopt the aforementioned ideology, but at some point the diminishing returns would have to have an impact on a company’s marketing choices…no?