…it's down!

Sarah and I decided to take our current apartment two whole minutes after I first saw it. First of all, Sarah had given me the ultimatum that she was going to stop looking if I didn’t like it. That definitely helped. It wasn’t the only selling point though; I really like the hardwood floors, the decent living space and the reasonably high ceiling. The one thing we didn’t like (other than the price of course) was the scaffolding which was outside of our window.

Our real estate agent, as well as our landlord’s employees assured us that the scaffolding would be gone in a few months once the cleaning was complete. Being young(ish) and naive we didn’t ask for specifics and decided to go ahead and sign the lease. Suffice it to say, we should have asked for specifics.

Most of the time the scaffolding isn’t that bad, but it is annoying. We’ve gotten in the habit of not looking out of the window too often as the people who were responsible for cleaning the buildings facade loved to leave trash and tools right outside of our window. Occasionally I’d wake up to the workmen outside having some sort of early morning yelling and tool throwing match…at least that’s what it sounded like.

This morning they were particularly noisy. I looked out of my window and…

...they were taking the scaffolding down.

Jeez, is that the sidewalk? You mean it’s right ouside of my window? The remains of the scaffolding were loaded onto a truck:

The truck holding the remains of the scaffolding.

and for the first time ever, I got to see what my window looks like from the street (the two top right windows):

Our window from the street.

It’s gone!

The street from our window.