So I've Had the Kameleon for a while

I’ve been using the Kameleon I bought for a couple of weeks now. Well, not the same one, the original device got returned. I woke up one morning and it was blinking erratingly, and I didn’t think to try changing the batteries before returning it. Oh well, I’m sure Circuit City won’t mind.

After using the remote for a while some more nagging issues have come up. The first is the fact that you can’t add a key. That means that I can’t use the Red, Yellow, and Blue keys which are used for the advanced PVR functions of my cable box on the Kameloen. Well, I could use them, but I’d have to lose three other buttons.

Another issue is the inability to use every group of buttons on every device. Specifically, there’s no way to use the PIP buttons for the cable device. Yet anothe reason why my cable remote hasn’t been totally mothballed. This seems like a purely software problem, so I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll release a firmware upgrade or something.

The final issue is one that I’d read about before purchasing it, but ignored. The VCR type controls (play, stop, pause, etc.) are way at the bottom of the remote. If you’re using the Kameleon one handed, you wind up doing some uncomfortable sliding to go from the volume controls to the VCR type controls.

I’m still very happy with my purchase, but there’s also a lot of room for improvement for the next version of the Kameloen. I’ve passed on my critiques to One For All, so we can only hope they take some of the feedback to heart.