LG VX6000, the new Pickabar phone

I’ve had my old Motorola phone for about two years now. When I first got it, it was pretty cutting edge and I got a lot of compliments about it. As things go in the world of gadgets, it’s now a dinosaur and I’ve actually gotten comments from fellow gadget freaks who were surprised I hadn’t upgraded.

I’ve been thinking about getting a new phone for the last few months, but the small amount of fiscal wisdom I still have kept telling me not to waste money. Well, for the last month or so my old phone has refused to charge or hold onto a charge. I replaced the charger thinking a loose connection might be the culprit, but I still had trouble getting the old timer to charge. I could have tried buying a new battery, but the charge problems were just enough to silence that savings minded thought.

So, anyway, yesterday I swung by Verizon Wireless and bought a new LG VX6000. I’ve only had it for a day, but I’m pretty happy with it so far. The UI is pretty simple to use, and the physical layout and size are great. The new phone is also much lighter than my old model, which rocks.

The VX6000 is a camera phone, but the pictures aren’t really anything to write home about. Still, it will be great to be able to post photos of friends and strangers caught in embarrassing positions. Don’t worry, I won’t be contributing to Mobile Asses or anything.

The coolest feature of the new phone is the ring tones. I stumbled (okay, googled) onto a post on Howard Forums that explains how to use your voice as a ringtone. Yes! One step closer to my dream of a talking computer a la Star Trek! I’m going to snip the post here so I don’t lose the instructions.

Here’s the contents of the original post:

Posted by: asvedin

You can use your voice as a ringtone.
menu-tools(8)-voice memo(3)-New(left soft key)-{record your about to be new ringtone-example”will you hurry and answer the phone, someone is trying to call you” or have your frind record his name as their ringtone}

go into camera menu(1)-send pix msg(3)-put anything in the address slot(you will not actually connect anywhere), go down to sound, push OK and menu pops up pick VOICE MEMO, select the voice memo that you want as ringtone,hit the send button, then hit the end button right away. Go back into camera menu, into pix outbox(5)-right soft key(options)-save sound(5)- name the sound what ever your heart desires,you can now go into “my media(7)” and into music where it will be located.