Must Focus On Work!

But I’m soooo tempted to fire up my spiffy new Longhorn virtual PC so that I can play with Avalon. So far I’ve only written one application, a simple window with the text “Hello World”. I had some trouble getting the project manifest written, so that first app was built using straight C# and the C# compiler. My goal for this week is to build something meaningful using XAML and the control compositing….maybe tic-tac toe. The only bad part is no one will get to use anything I write for two years or so…ah, the pain of living on the cutting edge! I guess I’ll just throw up a bunch of screenshots.

You know, if I had a Tablet PC I’d write an electronic ink scorekeeping app for scrabble and card games. I mean, I crushed Sarah and Blossom Sunday, but I’d like to have a permanent record of just how humiliating their defeat was. For posterity, you know? 😉

Crud, now I’m blogging instead of working. I’m trying to massage our project to the point where we can do our first full build, and for some reason I keep getting distracted. Ok, back to work.