Congress Expands FBI Spying Power

Wired has an article about how expanded intelligence gathering powers for the FBI were sneaked in as part of a spending bill. If parts of your government are using outright trickery to get measures passed, especially measures that continue the erosion of your civil rights, it’s time to worry. People say that the response to the Patriot Act has been overblown, “it’s going to help us fight terrorism, the government wouldn’t use it to take away civil rights”. Do you trust the government not to misuse additional power? You shouldn’t! This country was founded on the principle that power was inherently dangerous and corrupting, and therefore needed to be checked at all times. No one branch should be granted sweeping powers with no possibility of oversight by one of the other branches.

We all need to wake up! They are building the police state one measure at a time. Our grandchildren will ask us why we let it happen…I really need to find a way to get involved.