The lamest punk rock show review ever!

Last night I went to my first punk rock show in about a million years. It may have been Sarah’s first real punk rawk gig. The Doxies were playing/promoting a gig at a place called Club 291 (out somewhere in Greenpoint or Williamsburg), and Phil(thy) was filling in on drums.

Being pretty vacant as always (gotta keep with the punk theme), we forgot the directions and address for the show, so we spent about half an hour touring the pretty seedy neighborhood before Sarah convinced me to ask a livery driver. Believe it or not, he knew the place and we were there before the first band hit the stage.

I don’t actually remember the name of the opening band, but they were pretty typical hardcore (as in punk) type noise, with the typical spiky haired singer and the almost as typical metal head guy on guitar. Pretty energetic and sincere, but I’m an old fogy…I won’t music you can snap your fingers too, not Slayer in bondage pants.

The second band? Yeah, I kind of forgot there name too. So so hardcore (as in NYHC) that almost had me dancing a few times. They weren’t quite tight enough for the old picking up change though. Hardcore (as in NYHC) dancing requires a pretty high level of rhythmic tightness, and they didn’t quite reach the bar. Too bad though, I really wanted to like them as they had a black singer and a black guitarist, and a female bassist. Call me racist if you will; I’ve been at enough shows where I was THE black guy that I’m always going to have a soft spot for anyone non-white male who is making it happen in such a white male world.

I’ll just skip to The Doxies (here’s a photo), as that’s the band I really came to see. Phil(thy) was a monster on the skins as usual. What really surprised me, though, was the skill with which Suzanne and Madi played their instruments. Suzanne demonstrated some real chops on the bass especially…I guess I’m a bit chauvinistic, but I’ve seen so many “girl” bands that would never have gotten a show if it weren’t for their being girls. These girls kick ass and their sex is beside the point. They were also responsible for booking the show, so they get definite props. Unfortunately, they also smell and talk a lot about STDs. Nobody´┐Żs perfect.

The NY Rel-X also played, and I was surprised to find out that Carlos (formerly of The Truants) and John (currently from The Krays and Roger Miret and The Disasters) were the two guitarists. I couldn’t really hear the vocals, and the songs didn’t seem particularly catchy, but I sprung for their LP in consideration of the two aforementioned guitar players. I’ll give it a spin tonight hopefully.

The sound system was typically mediocre all night, so I can’t give an honest impression of what either band sounds like. I’m going to have to give The Doxies and The REl-X a listen via their recorded material before I can really decide.

That’s right, a whole show review with almost no detailed descriptions of the music played. The lamest punk rock show review ever?