Behold, the power of blogging!

Did you notice the comment posted by Bob Bunge to my entry about unsubscribing from the National Weather Alerts RSS feed? The impact of blogging is vastly overrated, mostly by bloggers, but this is a case where the web log format is really powerful. I posted an opinion on a service offered by the government, and included a link to my thoughts. Later the same day someone from that very same government agency posted a thoughful response on this blog.

This isn’t an A-listblog, and I don’t intend it to be. Pickabar is much closer to the Live Journal “blog as public diary” more than anything. I post about things that I care about, on whatever subject, and without any extraordinary effort to craft my writing. My main goal is to be able to google the knowledge I’ve been able to amass over the months since I kicked off this little bit of narcissism.

After Bob’s comment, I feel like I’m actually contributing to the global knowledge store. At least as it pertains to cool links and RSS feeds ;).