I just learned how to swim!

How often do you wake up on a perfectly normal day and wind up having your life changed? I just got back from my first swimming lesson at New York Sports Club, and unbelievably I actually managed to swim a bit. I’m not doing anything flashy yet, but I’m kicking, doing the beginnings of the freestyle stroke, and most importantly moving through the water.

I’ve had tons of unsuccessful swimming lessons throughout my life. Several of my girlfriends (including the current and final one) have been former lifeguards. As soon as they found out that I didn’t know how to swim they set out to teach me. It never worked. I also had a few lessons at summer camp when I was younger, but no dice. You can understand why I was a bit pessimistic about trying again, but Sarah kept pushing.

I’m glad she did. Today I took my first lesson at the gym, and things finally clicked. I don’t know what the teacher did differently, or what I’m doing differently, but it worked. I can swim! A little ;).