Saddam is captured…what to say…

I’ve been trying to think of something to say about Saddam’s capture, but I haven’t come up with the words to really express it. It really made me sick to hear one of the CNN talking heads pose a question like:

“You’d have to admit that Saddam’s capture is a great day in the war on terror.”

Disgusting. The statement accepts the administrations position that the war in Iraq is a war on terrorism without acknowledging the perfectly reasonable (even if you disagree with it) argument that Saddam Hussein is completely unrelated to our problems with terrorists. It’s scary…this country really has gotten to the point where we’re not even capable of understanding that there can be more than one possible opinion on a topic. What are they teaching in journalism school? Or high school for that matter?

I’m still not quite sure what I’d like to say, so I guess I’ll just make it “ditto“.


p.s. Of course I’m glad we caught Saddam. Of course I’d be much happier if we hadn’t started a war with Iraq and had instead concentrated our attention on someone actually involved with 9/11. That’s because I think the war on Iraq was about oil profits for companies like Haliburton, and not a war on terrorism. If you have any proof of links between Saddam and Al-Qaeda please email them here, I’m sure he can use the help.