I woke up this morning when I felt like it

Yes, I’m on vacation! I had a bunch of vacation hours which I was going to have to forfeit at the end of the year. I’ve spread them out over the holiday season so that I won’t have to wake up to an alarm clock for a couple of weeks. I’m not travelling or anything; my plan at this point is to rest and work on some article ideas I’ve been kicking around for a while. I’m also going to swing by the new Manhattan Guitar Center, finally.

Oh yeah, there’s tons of last minute christmas shopping to do. I’m delighted that I can do that shopping during the work day where the crowds should be (hopefully) less psychotic.

I had planned to clean our apartment as a treat for Sarah, but it hasn’t gotten messy at all after Sarah’s birthday party. My Grandmother and Sarah did an amzaing job getting the place in order the day of the party, and both Sarah and I are too in love with the space and the calmness to think about leaving stuff around. It’s weird…I’ve been messy all of my life, and suddenly I get irritated when there’s anything at all left around. I’ve even gotten in the habit of putting away my video game controllers when I’m done playing.

Maybe I’ll wax the floor or something…