Belated Post #1: The Great Manhattan Snowball Fight

I’ve tried to write this entry three or four times. Unfortunately, I was having computer problems (now resolved) and my machine kept shutting down as I was trying to write it. When I blog from my work PC I generally do so one sentence or two at a time, saving the post to disk multiple times like an experienced computer user. At home I abandon common sense altogether, so I’m much more likely to open up the MT web interface and start pecking away. Lesson learned; this one is going in notepad.

Anyway…on 12/06/03 Sarah, Lori and I headed out to the Great Manhattan Snowball Fight.

Do you know who that guy is? His name started with an M...

It was a day or so after the second big snow fall of the year, and Central Park was a true winter wonderland.

There were tons of people trudging through the mostly untouched powder, and kids of all ages sledding down hills and building snowmen. We spent about half an hour just exploring and forgetting that we were still in the middle of Manhattan.

Eventually, we made our way over to the Alice In Wonderland Statue, the venue for the snowball fight. I was a bit skittish at first, so I started out by sniping from the periphery. Although lovely and a ton of fun, the ladies accompanying me aren’t a bit intimidating when it comes to frozen water dodgeball.

I should talk! I threw about a hundred snowballs over the course of the day, and I think I hit maybe two people. One of my targets actually walked into the snowball, so I’m not sure if that even counts. I guess maybe I couldn’t have made it to the big leagues even if I could hit the curveball.

At one point a group of canadian school kids on a trip walked by the area. The organizers of the snowball fight called out for everyone to attack them, and I was morally repulsed. Then I picked up a snowball and pegged a small asian girl. I guess we should have been ashamed of ourselves as a bunch of twenty and thirty somethings attacking children, but it was good clean fun. Anyway, some of the buggers picked up snowballs and fought back…we had to teach them a lesson!

All in all a fun, and completely silly event. There were a few corny “hey guys, let’s all blah blah blah” moments, but everyone mostly ignored that stuff and did whatever they liked. Let’s hope the news crews don’t find out and make next years event into some silly flashmob thing.

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