Presents by Gerrard And Kalle

Yep, more crappy music from Pickabar!

I got a lot of great presents for Christmas in 2003, but the best one had to be the drum pad that Sarah bought for me. She was in Virginia for the holidays, so I decided to put the present to use as a surprise for her by making a song. “Presents” is the result of a few hours of playing around with the drum machine with our swedish visitor Kalle and my lovely grandmother.

The song sounds slapped together at random, and that’s because it was. I was still learning to use the drum machine and I hadn’t planned anything out ahead of time. I’ve been holding off on posting it here because I’d planned on adding a drum beat to provide some structure to the song, but that’s never going to happen.

It’s nothing impressive, but give it a listen so that you can claim you were into me long before the fame and grammys ;).

Presents” by Gerrard And Kalle

Feel free to make your own remix with some decent drums!