Sunday Jams still going strong.

Ray came over to Chez Lindsay on Sunday to jam and he brought special guest star Fantucch with him. Ray’s been coming over to jam out on as many Sundays as our schedules allow, and it’s starting to be an integral part of my weekend. I was a bit concerned when they didn’t show up until 3 in the afternoon, thinking we wouldn’t have a lot of time to play, but We wound up going until well after eleven.

Around nine or ten, as I was struggling to pick up a new bass line Ray had been working on, Ray threw out a fun little bass pattern and all of our ears perked up. Even Sarah! We picked out a drum beat from my drum machine, and recorded it quickly to keep the creative juices from drying up. Then Ray, a guy with no piano training, hopped on my old Casio keyboard (I think my grandma got it for me in junior high) and started banging out some improvised melodies. We were all stunned…it was rough around the edges, but the potential was obvious. Ten minutes later we had a rough sketch for what will probably wind up being a hot little number. Impressive.

The big thing is, I’m starting to feel like a real musician. I’m never going to be the next Yngwie when it comes to guitar playing, but we are making very real music.