Drunken Scrabble

I’m a nerd. No, not a geek, a nerd. The geek umbrella has been expanded to include all kinds of people who wear matching clothes and go to parties that look like beer commercials. I like to sit at home on Fridays and drink. But what do to once you’ve got a nice buzz going, and don’t want to leave the couch? I love getting soused and learning…how about Drunken Scrabble!

Here’s what you need:

  1. A Scrabble board.
  2. A bottle or bottles of liquor.
  3. Fun, but nerdy friends.
  4. A crazy girlfriend*


The rules are identical to normal Scrabble, except for one addition. Any player who scores less than ten points in a round, passes on his or her turn, or loses a challenge takes a shot of the aformentioned liquor.

We originally tried setting the low bar at seven points, but through a combination of luck and skill only two shots were downed. Once we raised the minimum score to ten the real fun began. Before the night was over we were all falling down drunk ( Sarah especially), with heads full of Jamesson and words that have a Q and no U.