A Brush with Law And Order

Like Gothamist, Sarah and I are Law And Order fanatics. Mainly the originial, but we dabble in the semicolons for a laugh on occasion. We watch the Law And Order channel TNT pretty religiously, and record all of the new episodes on our handy dandy PVR. We even sit through the four or five hour marathons TBS has weekly…we know drama!

Unfortunately, we’ve never been lucky enough to stumble into a L&O location shoot. So, imagine our delight when our current apartment showed up in Episode 4: Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die. ADA Robinette was interviewing a friend of the yuppie killer suspect as he hopped in a cab. They stood and talked briefly directly across the street from our building, and our apartment window was clearly visible in the background.

Ok, I’m sure you’re thinking “What’s the big deal? So they showed a quick glimpse of your apartment on L&O years before you even lived there. Who cares?” Well, I’m probably not getting a guest shot on the show myself any time soon, so this is my brush with greatness!

The episode guide also pointed me to a a salon article on Michael Moriarty (aka Ben Stone). Turns out he’s a crazy drunk. I should probably feel bad for him, but I have to admit it actually adds to the appeal of his performances as the perpetually screwfaced Ben Stone.

A synopsis of the episode:

004. Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die 10/11/90

The detectives are frustrated when it looks like a privileged preppie might get away with killing his girlfriend.

and some tasty quotes:

Kiss the Girls and Make them Die, 1-004, “Excuse ME, Mr. Casanova.” “I’m hot-wired, I’m gonna live forever!” “Off-track betting doesn’t make arrests.” “Don’t argue in front of bartenders – they listen.” “What do you want me to tell you? Hamburger isn’t filet mignon?” “I want a check on him from here to Hawaii.” “Justice doesn’t give you grandchildren.”

Finally, a tip as to what to get my for my birth day. Well, unless you’ve already picked something out.