Met's Season Opener Lulls Me Into False Optimism

Ok, let’s be honest. Even after being a Met’s fan for all of these years, even after the disappointments of drug scandals, generation K and GMs who were publicly humiliated, I still can’t help feeling a little of that old “Ya Gotta Believe” magic after the Met’s 7-2 throttling of the new look Braves last night. It was definitely a much better Season opening experience than last years thumping (th..th…th) by the Cubs.

To add to the fun, the Met’s new Japanese pickup Kaz Matsui played brilliantly with three RBI, including a home run on the first pitch of the season. The funny thing is, the home run came on what seemed like his ugliest swing all night…I really expected it to be an easy pop fly coming off the bat. Kaz shares Ichiro’s propensity for starting to run out of the batter’s box before the actual swing is complete, and the home run swing was a perfect example of that style. His double later in the game was came on a much more level and controlled swing. We probably won’t see a whole lot of Kaz’ home run trot this year, but it’s nice to see him getting some good at bats. Especially after his shaky spring training. His defensive play was excellent, as expected.

We have no pitching, we need a left handed slugger to help protect Mike Piazza, we need pitching, we’ve got Braden Looper for a closer. Did I mention we need pitching? That said, it’s hard not to start dreaming of making the playoffs. Who knows, maybe we can pick up some (yes) pitching during the season.

And hey, this was without having Jose Reyes in the lineup!

p.s. Welcome back, Fran. We missed you.

Gothamist on the Season Opener.