So much for the optimism, the Mets fall back to earth

The Mets fell back to earth last night in an 18-10 pounding. The pitching completely fell apart in the 11 run fourth inning, and even Piazza’s two homers couldn’t make a difference. I was feeling pretty cocky when the fourth inning started; they had won handily in the opener the night before, and stretched out to a quick lead in the second game of the year. Then the hits started coming for Atlanta, and before the inning was over Trachsel had been chased from the game, and I started getting interested in what episode of Law & Order was coming on.

If we can’t get some pitching help and none of the young up and commers has a breakout season, this could be another one of those years.

BTW, the second Piazza homer was cartoonish…a 457 foot blast to center field that was gone the minute he made contact. It was pretty amusing how much attention the broadcast team gave to the home run, but I guess that’s to be expected when they are forced to try to make a blowout seem worth watching.