First Mets game of the year!

Last night Sarah and I headed to our first game at Shea this year. And it was a win over the Bondsless Giants! Traschel pitched eight strong (and fast paced for him) innings, and lots of two out hitting including Mike Cameron’s two run dinger.

The weather wasn’t great, but wasn’t as bad as it had been for our first games in previous years. We brought a blanket with us for once, but it never got cold enough for us to need it.

Man, I hate the wave and the people who do it. At one point in the game Trachsel was wavering and the 1-1 tie seemed like it was about to break. The mo-rons in the crowd began doing the wave, and I could barely concentrate on the action as Steve wiggled his way out of danger. Why in the world would you go to a baseball game and do stupid crowd participation tricks during one of the most important parts of the game? I really don’t understand people.

Another thing that confused me was Piazza’s removal for a pinch runner in the seventh. While he was batting I used all of my non-existent psychic powers to try to get Mike to hit the record-setting homer. Instead, Piazza got a base hit and Art Howe pulled him for Vance Wilson. The Mets wound up getting some hits and Piazza would have gotten an additional at bat in the game. Oh well, Piazza will have to become the altime leader in home runs by a catcher without me in the stands.

The biggest surprise of the night was the new big screens they’ve installed at Shea. The new screens support high resolutions, and tons of colors. The new animations were really amazing, especially compared to the old two color animations they used to have.

Anyway, Barry had a sinus infection and Piazza didn’t get his record, but it was still a fun night all around. Can’t wait for the next game.