Prophesy: #1 Hip Hop Album in Germany For 2005

Sometimes the links speak for themselves:

MC Hassle The Hoff and Ice T

I’m sure I pray for the collective psyche of our species that nothing will come of it. If worse comes to worst though, I guarantee his album goes platinum in Deutschland.

And off I rant…you know, sometimes “Legends” are just people who were at the right place at the right time. I loved “Cop Killer” as much as the next angst ridden kid of the 90s, but Ice T has got to be one of the fakest of the fake rappers. He’s also one of the worst actors I’ve ever seen…if you consider squinting and pouting acting. He also had the nerve to act as if he was against pimping while getting his hair curled in the Hughes Bros pimp documentary. Man, I hate Ice-T.

[via KnitLog]