Post scoops too soon, or is it a C-O-N-spiracy?

John Kerry announced today that John Edwards will be his running mate in the upcoming election. Too bad for the New York Post who decided to run a full cover claiming that Dick Gephardt would be the VP candidate today. Of course, all mention of the erroneous cover story have already been removed from their online presence. I guess I’ll chalk it up to aggressively pursuing a scoop, but the south asian guy who sells papers outside of my subway station wasn’t feeling as charitable. He felt that the Post had purposely gone with the Gephardt story to sow dissension among democratic voters. He left off by saying, “I have to sell what the people want to read, but why would anyone read that trash?” I didn’t have an answer for him.

I think Edwards is a good choice, especially for superficial reasons. Kerry has already been lambasted in the press for being stone faced and unemotional, and I think the younger John on the ticket can go a long way towards blunting the effect of Dubya’s “aw shucks” charm. I’m sure his being a southerner won’t hurt either.