Lookout for a great Outlook search add-in!

I rarely use Outlook’s built in “find” functionality as it’s just too slow to be useful. A lot of that slowness is probably because of the sheer size of my mailbox. Over time I’ve gotten used to organnizing things with folders, and very often just copying and pasting important information into OneNote for easy searching.

Well then last week I read the news about Microsoft purchasing Lookout Software. Lookout provides a search add-in for Outlook that you really need to see to believe. I downloaded it when the news was announced, and I can’t believe how much it’s already improved my productivity. In most cases search results come back in around a second!

Unfortunately, the download link was pulled shortly after I installed it. Well, luckily for all of us Microsoft has just made the Lookout download available on Microsoft Downloads. And it’s free, as in beer. What are you waiting for, go download it!