Aww, Grandma

The best part of getting older is getting comfortable with who you really are. I’m not sure how it happens, and honestly I don’t care. The important thing is I’m progressively more accepting of what it means to be Gerrard. In fact, I’m starting to see myself as my grandma’s see me.

Nancy and Gerrard Dolores and Gerrard

On the left is a photo of my grandmother Nancy and I outside of my favorite comic book shop in Bayshore, LI. We’d gone there that day to attend a book signing by Doug Murray, the author of Marvel’s Vietnam set comic “The ‘Nam”. Not that we wouldn’t have been there even if there hadn’t been a book signing. Our typical Saturday routine involved a trip up to South Shore Mall (the comic store was in an appendix of the mall) for my weekly dose of the funny books, and then shopping at the mall. I still have a lot of the comics.

On the right is a photo of my grandmother Dolores and I outside of a hotel in Georgia if I’m not mistaken. I don’t remember a lot about that day, but since she reads this site I’m hoping she’ll post some details in the comments section. I do remember how hot it was on that trip, and how often we had to stop for drinks. I also remember that outfit, which was purchased at the JC Penny in the South Shore Mall. See! It’s all related.

I guess that’s it. I don’t have any big point to make, or summary to come to. Except to say that these photos tell me so much about who I am, how I came to be that person, and how silly all of my self-deprecating thoughts really are.

p.s. The little logo on my radical shirt says “Ted Shred”…and uh, no we weren’t anywhere near the beach.