Is this what it was like before they had baseball games on TV?

As a diehard Mets fan I try to watch every game that I don’t attend in person. Baseball is perfectly suited for TV watching since the dramatic moments usually come after a long period of build up. I watch the important parts of the game while practicing guitar or doing stuff around the apartment.

Well, the fate that previously hit Yankee fans arrived at Shea yesterday. Due to a disagreement between Time Warner (my cable provider) and Cablevision (who own the rights to broadcast Mets games) Mets games aren’t availble on Time Warner cable. The first game to be impacted was yesterday’s big win over the Brewers, which would have been a great antidote to the borderline depression I’ve been feeling since the sweep by the Braves. I’m debating whether to listen to tonight’s game on WFAN or to just settle for ESPN GameCast. Ugh, stupid corporations.