Jon Stewart on Crossfire

You know those videos of kids playing with lightsabers and dancing babies that spread through the internet like wetware viruses? Well, for once, a worthwhile video is the meme of the moment. Check out Jon Stewart’s appearance on CNN’s Crossfire, where he takes Tucker Carlson and the news media in general to task.

Just to totally make my case as a Daily Show fanboy, I’m working through America (The Book), right now. A bit sillier than I would have liked, but they definitely make some good points…especially about the way the media has become just another profit center afraid to challenge the people in power.

Enter the media’s white knight: Corporate Ownership…thousands of uncontrollable, perilously independent media voices were finally organized into a more manageable five.

How ironic. Jon Stewart is a comedian who hosts a fake news show. The fake news show also happens to be one of the few media outlets that’s willing to highlight the very real BS that’s threatening our political process.