What's a Z-List blogger got to do to get some comments?

Considering the rarity of my posts, and the general lack of focus on any particular topic, I don’t really expect tons of page views. This blog is really here for two reasons:

  1. To get the hard drive in my head google searchable.
  2. To share some ideas with my little circle of friends (i.e. Blossom).

I don’t mind being a Z-List blogger, and I don’t mind getting three unique visitors a day…in fact it’s somewhat by design. At the same time, I’m starting to wonder why I get almost no comments. My rant on why Sarah and I marched at the RNC protest? Two comments, and only from relatives. My song, “Me Against the Couch”? Zero comments. My Capleton show review slash homophobia rant? One comment, and that was from the blogger who I was replying to. My regular expression for matching urls? The only feedback so far has been via email.

At this point I’m considering turning off comment moderation so that I can start getting comment spam again!