Blog Catchup Post #1

The pickabar post stream has hit some hiccups, sorry folks. The European trip, the Tsunami disaster and a bunch of other stuff has me feeling too emotional to finish a lot of the posts I’ve started. In the meantime, here’s some links to steal away your free time:

One of the first pieces of news Sarah and I received when we got back from NYC was Gothamists post about the passing of Jerry Orback, better known to most as Lennie Briscoe. Lennie was great in his early days on the show as Chris Noth’s partner, but I’ll always remember him as the archetypical wisecracking ex-drunk jaded detective he blossomed into when he moved out of the straight man role. Ironically, Sarah had just opened one of her late christmas presents…a Lenny Briscoe T-Shirt that I’d originally read about on Gothamist.

EverythingNY linked to a site that has photos of every Starbux in NYC. At this point Starbux is starting to drift from pure retailer to real estate company, a la McD’s.

Blogcritics says that CNN is killing Crossfire, and the president of the network says he agrees with Jon Stewarts dead on criticisms of the show. BTW, I watched Tucker Carlson’s PBS show once to gather anti-conservative pundit ammo and came away genuinely astonished at the nuanced take on the news of the day that he put forward. Nothing like Crossfire at all.

Microsoft purchased Anti-Spyware company Giant and has already released the
first beta of a forthcoming AntiSpyware product
. I just ran it, and it didn’t report any spyware threats on my PC which I guess is good news. My friend Ray got a new PC and had six or seven pieces of spyware by the time I got him to install and run ad aware. Spyware programmers‚Ķdefinitely the dark side of the geek force.

The Pioneers “Long Shot Kick De Bucket” is one of the first songs everyone hears when they get into late sixtees rocksteady/early reggae. I’ve loved it for years, but I’d basically guessed what the song was about until I found the lyrics on the official site of The Specials. Now I just need to figure out the bass line‚Ķsomething something something G, same thing same thing same thing A?

The other day Scientific American had an episode that included info about software from MIT called Hyperscore. Hyperscore lets you create music visually w/o having to know anything about standard notation or arrangement. I get the impression it’s targeted towards kids, but it’s a lot of fun for anyone who’d like to play at being Beethoven without years of music school.

More aborted post recaps to come!