Using WSDL to Combine Multiple Web Services

I’ve just achieved one of my life goals. How often can you say that?

Pickabar readers, your host is now a published author! My article “Using WSDL to Combine Multiple Web Services” will be published in the March issue of MSDN Magazine. It’s also the preview article for the March issue, so you can read it online by clicking on that first link. The article is intended for software developers, so the less geeky elements of the audience probably won’t get any value out of it.

Many many thanks go out to Stephen Toub (MSDN Technical Editor extraordinaire) for encouraging me to write the article, and helping me to actually get it done. I’d also like to thank Tim Ewald who, while he was an instructor at Developmentor, gave me the first push towards looking behind the web service protocol curtain.

…and the replacement on my life goal list now that I’ve checked this one off the list? Get something published that my non-geeky friends will actually understand ;).