Who's Fake? (or can nerds rap?)

No, not that kind of nerd. I mean your humble host here at pickabar. Now that Ray is on his way to a career in beat smithing, I’m going to have to work on my lyrical chops. Here’s my second try to flow on a Ray track:

Sena RNG – Who’s Fake?

Never had no gun
except the one I shoot for fun,
hold it with two hands
it spits hotter than the sun
Never slung no dope
rockefeller ain’t no joke
sentences will make you choke
faster than klansmen with ropes
I push fat bags of hope
in baggies like coke
Fight devils w/ rope-a-dope
Push a neocon down a slope
If they go into Iran
It’s the beginning of the end
shoulda stopped them at Iraq
america’s been bushwhacked
By a lie wrapped in a flag
And poor kids in body bags
trying to scare a damn fanatic
freedom spread by automatics
My brain makes me hard
Now who’s fake?

Go easy, it’s only my second try.

Update 03/03/05: I guess nerds really can rap.