Sweden Vacation Post 1

Remember all of our great photos from the trip Sarah and I took to Europe in 2003? Of course you don’t, we never actually posted them. I’ve also broken my promise about posting pics from our 2004 vacation (sorry Jarl!).

The truth is, I’m probably never going to sit down and make my way through all of them. Instead of waiting for that day which will never come, I’m going to post the pics one by one…with the help of my favorite pic sharing site on the web, Flickr.

Here’s the first post in the series…

We got to Göteborg, Sweden on Saturday 12/18/04. Our host Sara was in the north of Sweden on a ski trip, but her mom Eva was nice enough to show us around. On the 19th she took us shopping in a small old fashioned shopping area of Göteborg.

Sweden Vacation 2004 2975

We wanted to surprise Eva with a hand made mushroom knife that was available at one of the stands, but didn’t have enough Kroners on hand. I left Sarah and Eva at a toy store and headed to a local supermarket to use the ATM. Unfortunately, the store closed while I was gone and Sarah and Eva were nowhere to be found. At that point I realized that I didn’t have anyone’s contact information, or even the address where we were staying. They came back just as I was starting to wonder how I could find a job in Sweden without knowing how to speak Swedish.

After my stint as the little lost boy, we went to a local vegetarian restaurant. We had a very filling lunch and just enough coffee to get us back to normal operating temperature.

…and I did learn my lesson. When we got back to Sara’s place Sarah wrote down all of the pertinent info on a scrap of paper which I guarded with my life for the rest of the trip!

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