BWB wants the truth!

Two fun new posts on BWB today, but the first one about Renee’s perfect world caught my eye. In it, she dreams of a world where people tell the truth.

Would any of us really want a world where people told the truth all the time, or even most of it? Sometimes it feels like 75% of human activity is dedicated to hiding, distorting, or otherwise avoiding truth.

The truth is that you aren’t anyone else’s “everything”, no matter what they say.

The truth is that your baby isn’t really all that cute.

The truth is that nothing worth learning can be learned from a “Learn how to XXX in 24 Hours!” book.

The truth is that no cream in the world is going to stop you from getting older or looking older.

The truth is that you’re spending hours a day practicing how to pluck rubber bands on a box. Even if the “box” is an electric 2X4 with a cool paint job.

The truth is that most blogs are filled with people rambling on about their ideas despite the fact that no one’s listening…the truth is that 99% of the page views on Pickabar come from me, Blossom, my grandmas and Nancy.

…uh, wait a minute. I was just kidding about that last paragraph ;).