Little Acorns

Last week I called up someone who had posted an ad on Craigslist looking to jam. Nothing serious, just killing time, which suits me perfectly. On Wednesday he came over, and I had a ball playing with him. We’re supposed to jam again on Sunday, which I’m already smiling about. That’s one of the best things about playing music…when you play with someone who is better than you, you somehow sound better. Every time he threw out a tasty lick my rhythm playing suddenly sounded better!

This probably doesn’t sound like much if you don’t know me personally, but I feel like I’ve just gotten over a pretty big hump. It’s the first time I’ve ever played music in front of a stranger, and the first time I’ve hung out with a stranger in maybe ten years. I’m been very much the homebody hermit for the last few years, so this was definitely a step int he right direction.

I think I’m digging my way out of this little funk…

p.s. Kate is officially my new guru. Now we just need to make up some sort of costume.