Sweden Vacation Post 2

Later on the night of the 19th, Sarah and I took a quick trip to Liseberg, one of Sweden’s oldest amusement parks. Everything was decked out in fine christmas fashion, though it was a bit odd to hear nothing but english language Christmas songs. Even some more modern hip hop Christmas fare was included, but all in english. What, Swedish rapper Blues doesn’t have any songs about the first Noel?

Gerrard and Sarah at Liseberg

The highlight of the night was riding up the Liseberg Tower, which was covered in Christmas lights. The ride was pretty short, but it was a ton of fun and a pretty great view. There was an ice capades type show going on at the outdoor ice rink, and it was surreal watching the little tiny ice skaters twirl around from a few hundred feet above. Unfortunately, the only pic that turned out was the one below, a view from ground level looking up at the tower.

Liseberg Tower

We left Liseberg tired and cold, but definitely in the Christmas spirit.

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