Why I started playing guitar/Why everyone should respond to feedback

After watching Chuck Berry Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll last week, I remembered what got me interested in playing guitar in the first place. That trademark Chuck Berry intro to Johnny Be Good, which anyone in the western world can identify in five notes or less! I went msn searching for a good lesson on how to play the style, and stumbled onto ActionTab’s Johnny Be Goode Lesson. ActionTabs is a site that uses a unique flash-based fretboard to display guitar lessons instead of the more usual Tab or standard notation. Tab is great for learning songs, but static text can only do so much when trying to describe things like timing and movement. Great little site, I definitely plan on trying a bunch of their lessons.

That said, I hadn’t planned on blogging about them. So why are you reading this? The one problem I had with the ActionTabs site was that I couldn’t hit the play button for a lesson and then get to my guitar in time to start playing. I sent in a suggestion last night that they add a small “count in” of metronome clicks to give users a bit of a delay before the lesson actually starts playback. Well, when I checked my email this morning I had not one, but two replies from them indicating that they are planning to add this feature shortly. I can honestly say I expected that the email would never have been read.

You know what those two little emails, which probably only took them a minute each to send, have done for them? Well, it’s provided a free evangelist for their site, something that can’t be bought with advertising budgets or even schwag give-a-ways. Are you selling something, or trying to promote your own site? Take note!