Desmond Dekker at Knitting Factory

On Saturday, Sarah and I went to see Desmond Dekker at the Knitting Factory. I had a really good time despite the heat in the club, the pushy crowd, the rainy conditions, and the pretty lackluster performance.

It was great getting to see some faces I haven’t seen in a while, and awesome to add another legendary name to the list of musicians I’ve seen live…even if the actual performance wasn’t so great. Desmond didn’t really wow me with his voice, and he seemed to be rushing through the songs. “A It Mek” was a stormer as expected, but most of the other tracks flew by…and including “Hippopatomus” in a medley didn’t due the song justice. That said, I’m sure it’s hard to be singing the Ska hits when you’re a septuagenarian…I guess I just expected more from one of the top names in Ska history.

I don’t have much more to say, so I’ll turn the mic over to Mellow Yellow:

Honestly, i was a bit disappointed. I think we’ve all been duped by an imposter. I really don’t think that the man on stage singing Desmond Dekker’s songs was really HIM. For starters, his voice was completely different. Anyone who listens to him knows that his voice is VERY distinct. That dude sounded nothing like the King of Ska. Of course I’ve taken into consideration that Desmond is like 70 years old or something, however, this is where i raise my second point. The “Desmond Dekker” that WE saw appeared a bit tooooo young to be the real deal. I’d say he was maybe late 40’s or early 50’s. I was more or less expecting a skeleton to be on stage, a skeleton that sounded like desmond dekker at least.

In any event, i did have an awesome time seeing some old faces and meeting new ones as always. I shook my shoulders and sweated off about 15 pounds. It wasn’t a horrible night… I just have my suspicions.

I took some pictures, but none came out. Keep reading for the best of the pretty crappy bunch…

Desmond Dekker at Knitting Factory 04-23-05