Nah, it's not about race…

We Know Where Jennifer Wilbanks is; How About The Missing Who Still Matter?:

…another southern girl, from Spartanburg, South Carolina, a tiny, 4’11” lady of 24 who disappeared in June of 2004. Have you heard of her? African-American Tamika Huston? Her family wasn’t on Fox News at all hours last June, were they?

I get so frustrated every time the media goes into a hissy fit about the latest cute white female. How insulting is the overwhelming attention paid to the one in a million story that the media chooses to obsess over to every other suffering family in America?

How insulting is the blanket coverage to all of us who desparately need to hear more about our dependence on foreign energy, the effects of our “nation building” on increased world wide terrorism, etc. when the media chooses to hyperventilate about what really amounts to man bites dog?

…and yet I still watch CNN every morning. Ugh.