There's Away

On Thursday, Ray and I were chitchatting on the phone when he mentioned that he’d just added an old friend of ours to his myspace friend’s list. My HS girlfriend’s best friend in fact.

When we got off the phone, I ran over to the nerd box and quickly found her profile. Despite my expectations, she was an adult and not still the fifteen year old I’d known. I wanted to send her a “hey, how are you doing? married, kids, hobbies?” catchup type message, but I couldn’t bring myself too. I almost couldn’t bear to know, I just wanted all of us to go back to Brentwod and be teenagers again. Instead I sent some meaningless message like we’d never stopped talking.

When Ray called, I was fooling around making random noises in Drop C tuning. Nu-metal sucks, but everyone likes to fool around with one finger chords once in a while, no? I tried alternate tunings for the first time about a week and a half ago and it was starting not to feel like heresy.

Anyway, I got a bug in my ear thinking about old times. Thinking about how much more I’m like everyone else than I thought when I was fifteen…and I felt like the exception to all the normal things. I switched to Open G (keif style) and in ten minutes came up with “There’s Away”. It’s just a sketch at this point, and the sound quality is terrible, but I feel like sharing…so have at it. Expect version 2.0 shortly.

There’s Away

by Gerrard

Right about the time when the spell was being broken, and the craft portion of the songwriting was beginning, Sarah came home from Bellydancing. She opened the door and I remembered how great being an adult can be, even if it’s not exactly like your teenage dreams. Write a song, kiss your girlfriend, and poof the melancholy is gone!

…and yes, I’m spelling it that way on purpose ;).

p.s. Sorry if I’m sounding a little pretensious about my two chord, sung in off key, cheesy song. I’ve been reading Songwriters on Songwriting and feeling like an artiste lately.