I haven't had a cig in about a week…

…which I’m pretty proud of. The funny thing is I’m not really fiending that badly. More than likely this is because work hasn’t been as stressful as the last time I tried to quit about a month ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming that this is it, or that I’ll be tobacco free for life now. I’m not cocky like some quitters (hint, people who think that what’s easy for them should be easy for anyone are just immature and self-centered)…maybe once I get up to the multiple year range, but I doubt it. Addiction is a tough thing to fight, and adding habit and emotional dependence on top of the physical cravings makes for a life long struggle. That said, if nothing else I’ve saved my lungs from having to deal with about 48 cigs.

Check out the bottom of the Pickabar Homepage for an up to the second update on exactly how long I’ve been on the wagon.