#1 Where I Am, #2 Where I'm Going

I landed in the sunny Northwest (it’s recruiting week as someone said) on Sunday and within a few hours I was rocking out at a two dollar show at the local tavern. I actually went looking for frozen burritos to use in my suites microwave, but just after I found them I heard the distinct sounds of live rock’n’roll. I had to throw the burritos away. Some kid was dressed as a giant bong. I bopped around and had a great time, even if I can’t remember the band’s name. Oh yeah, Mary Baby Shakes just happened to be there…spooky!

Seems like Capitol Hill is the east village (or is that billyburg nowadays? redhook?) of Seattle. Hipsters? Ironic metal stylings, including unitard wearing drummer w/ faux porn ‘stache. Feels just like home…with less tattoos.

Every other time I’ve been out here I’ve stayed out in the ‘burbs, this time I’m lucky enough to be in walking distance from just my type of neighborhood. I guess I had a totally incorrect estimation of seattle.

Last night I made the mistake of starting to work on my lovely new Tablet, and while I managed to get dual booting (XP/Vista) working it took most of the night to get the WinFX SD humming correctly. But who needs sleep? So anyway, here’s where I am, and where I’m going tonight.

Kids, I think I’ve got the post your diary on the internet for all to see bug back…