AJAX becomes a truly meaningless term

Have you heard of rumored Microsoft Word killer ajaxWrite? The ABM crowd is delighted with the supposed challenge to my employer’s Office suite, but what caught my eye (via Dare’s post) was the fact that ajaxWrite isn’t actually built on AJAX technology.

Now we see the full lifecycle of development ideas:

  1. Smart developers start using an interesting technique to develop apps.
  2. Smart marketing people invent a new buzzword for the technique.
  3. The buzzword is adopted by people who don’t know or care about developing apps and is endowed with as many positive characteristics as people can fit into a blog post or article.
  4. The buzzword is liberally used along w/ the meaningless term “Web 2.0” and ceases to have any actual meaning. People who are focused on specific development techniques “just don’t get it”.

Of course, the combination of javascript, XmlHttp and DHTML is still pretty cool.