Problem w/ HDMI and SD channels resolved

This blog is basically a web accessible diary for yours truly. A dusty diary…but I digress. It’s also my attempt to contribute to the global knowledge store. If you’re not hooking up your home theater, this post probably won’t make a lot of sense. See you next month!

I’ve been trying to use HDMI to connect the Scientific Atlanta 8300HD PVR cable box to my Westinghouse 42w2. The HD channels were showing up fine, but switching to SD channels caused me to lose video and audio. Both worked over component input.

I’m a Time Warner customer in NYC, so after a couple of hours banging my head against the screen I called them. Zero help, as expected. I called Westinghouse, and they were similarly polite but unhelpful.

After trying a brute force search of the options, I was able to determine that 480p output has to be disabled in order for the SD channels to be displayed. I was under the impression that only 480i had to be disabled. I’m not sure I understand why it works, but I now have picture and video across all of my channels.