Help me quit smoking!

Long time pickabar readers will remember that I quit smoking for about a month and a half a year ago. I even put a little javascript counter on the homepage that ticked off every second I went w/o a puff. Well, an MC5 concert in Central Park, and a flight to Seattle got me back on the nicotine train. I surreptitiously removed the counter and never mentioned it.

Realizing that life is short, I’m giving it another try. It’s been about two months so far without a slip, and only a few really tempting moments. I’ve been running three miles twice a week, two times around the Central Park Reservoir, which really helps. The gunk that came out of my lungs during the first run have made me want to never see another cigarette.

You might wonder why I am posting this, after being quite a bit embarrased about my last public failure. Well, I’m using the five or six pickabar readers out there as leverage to help me in the good fight. If you see me, please ask me about the quitting. If I tell you I’m still on the straight and narrow, please share all of the positive feedback you can. If you see me near smokers, please mention for all to hear that I shouldn’t even be near cigarettes. That’s right, I’m giving free and open rights to all to nag me.

I’m going to keep at it until I get this!