Scoble leaving Microsoft is probably a good thing

Robert Scoble (unofficial chief blogger for the borg) is leaving Microsoft, and I tend to think that’s a good thing. Don’t get my wrong, his Scobleizer Blog is one of my favorite blogs, and Robert seems like a sincere and passionate fan of technology. On the other hand, his larger than life presence seems to have distorted the Microsoft blogosphere a bit into a cult of personality.

How about a real world experience to shed light on my thinking?

I attended my first and only geek dinner in NYC about a year ago…and I was unimpressed. More than anything, it reminded me of High School. The coolest kids were the center of attention, and everyone else quickly settled into an orbit appropriate for their level of coolness and desire to promote themselves. I can’t exclude myself from that, as I went to the dinner with the express intention of discussing life in the Borg field with Robert. I envisioned a long conversation with him about the work I had done as a Microsoft employee after Sept. 11th, only a few blocks away from where the Geek Dinner was held.

The reality was that I never got a word in to Robert. I did what I always do in those type of situations. I picked a seat as far away from the epicenter as possible, and sat there quietly. I had a few short conversations with other attendees, but I could always detect that their attention was split 50% between what we were discussing, and 50% coming up with strategies to get closer to Robert.

Maybe Robert’s leaving will do something to end the similar overwhelming fixation with him in the Microsoft corner of the blogosphere? Or maybe not, since so many of us are still posting about him. 😉