So, I bought a bike

My main means of transportation until I graduated high school was a series of second hand bicycles. I grew up in the suburbs with no car in the family, and with public transportation that involved once an hour buses that stopped running at 6:30. I had plenty of opportunities to go on long bike rides. I rode my bike to work a town away, along highways to hang out with friends several towns away, and on practically every street in Brentwood, LI.

Then I moved to the city and discovered the wonders of useful public transportation and dangerous traffic. I don’t even remember bringing my bike to the city.

Well, after talking to my bike riding friends Jay and Lisa (and nearly killing myself on Jay’s bike in billyburg), I got excited. So last weekend Sarah and I headed over to the local Bicycle Renaissance and I bought myself a new two wheeler. The new pickabar bike? A Specialized Sirrus Sport.

I wound up spending a lot more than I’d intended to for a helmet, lights, locks, pins and other assorted jib jabs that sounded important. I think it’s worth the extra expenditure, since this is going to provide me with another opportunity to have healtyh fun, but it’s definitely a culture shock after having had only 50 dollar beaters my whole life.

I picked up the bike on Tuesday and had a fun, but slightly grueling ride around Central Park. Those hills heading to Harlem on the east side of the park are killer for a noob like yours truly!

Last night, I decided to check out Riverside Park, which is on the western edge of Manhattan. I rode along the bike path up to harlem, where the path would have required me to enter normal streets. Then I rode back down the path past Midtown, past downtown and chelsea…to Batter City and a beatiful view of lady liberty. That’s right, I rode my bike to the tip of Manhattan from the Upper West Side. Here’s my route on GMaps Pedometer…it seems like my route was a bit longer than 18 miles. Afterwards I came home, played guitar for a bit, scarfed down some grub and drifted off to the kind of peaceful sleep that only seems to happen in a crib.

Definitely a great purchase!

Sirrus Sport Bicycle