The Critic On The Balcony

I was reading The Inner Game of Music and thinking about Statler and Waldorf from the muppets…and now the last Pickabar mp3 of 06 for your pleasure:

The Critic On The Balcony

He’s the critic on the balcony
always seems to have advice for me
I can’t hear my thoughts over that noise
I can’t drown out that inner voice

Well I’m drowning in a sea of I shouldn’t haves
I forgot three chords in the second half
Done nothing right everything went wrong
I forgot the third verse of the song

I should be singing for you I’m tryin’ to silence him
worrying about the tricky parts at the end
Well I’m worrying about chords and fingerings
Those same old doubts are still lingering


I’m not good enough I should have practiced more
I’m up on stage but what am I here for
Cheap knockoff songs and a cheap guitar
Low budget clothes I’m a low budget star

There are better singers almost everywhere
i’m sure there’re better pickers sittin’ right out there
When they gave out talent I was last in line
they ran out of supplies just when it was my time


But When I get to that place where everything’s flowing
I dwell in a space that’s way beyond knowing
I ignore his face and feel the glow in yours
I let go of my fears and they fall to the floor

when you clap your hands and sing with me
I feel like I’m a king and we’re all royalty
The stage disappears and you’re not fans
We’re all members of the world’s biggest band


It’s so easy to stomp on your own dreams
So easy to pull yourself apart at the seams
And that inner voice is their to shout you down
To crush every little bit of joy that you’ve found

Now you may not sing and you may not play
But there’s something that you love and do every day
I’m sure he shows up there now and again
Trust me when I say to hell with him

He’s the critic on the balcony
Doesn’t have a thing to offer me
I can’t hear his voice it’s all just noise
He can’t drown out my inner joy

Download “The Critc On The Balcony“, and please be kind enough to ignore the vocal flubs I was too lazy to edit.