Coding Horror: "They All Suck"

On several occassions your friendly koolaid drinking blue badge wearing Microsoftee host here at pickabar has been accosted by Mac zealots eager to lampoon me for daring to work for the “Great Satan”. These folks assure me that everything would be better if I only saw the light…

I’ve been planning on writing a little response on the subject for a while now. It was going to begin:

Crest is a much better toothpaste than Colgate. I just don’t understand why anyone would use Colgate instead of Crest. The marketing folks at Colgate must be amazing, and people must be stupid, to buy anything but Crest. Most influentials and creative folks use Crest. Crest just makes it easier to create and is more enjoyable…you don’t ever run into dental problems if you use Crest.

Sound silly? I don’t use either brand, I’m just trying to make a point. Isn’t it silly that so many people use their choice of Computer to improve their self-worth?

Today I ran into a post by Coding Horror, “Because They All Suck”, which is like a better version of the post I was planning:

Your screwdriver rocks, and our screwdriver sucks. So what? They’re screwdrivers. If you really want to convince us, stop talking about your screwdriver, and show us what you’ve created with it.

Highly recommended post from a highly recommended blog.