Great resource for fans of Jamaican music

Now-a-days the internet is kind of like a Coruscant watering hole…lots of sketchy folks solely focused on getting money in any way they can. The “.info” TLA is usually the most infected part of the web. There was a time, though, when surfing the web meant making contact with great people producing great resources for nothing more than the love of their subject and that type of mental quirk that compels one to spend hours digging through dusty record bins.

I’ve been spending an enormous amount of time lately on johnnyspencer.info, an invaluable resource for anyone who loves early reggae, rocksteady, ska and other types of black music. Photos of 45 sleeves, anecdotes, and even impressive hand drawn art on the sleeves. If the word “rocksteady” makes you think of Alton Ellis instead of breakdancing, you owe it to yourself to make a visit.